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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission at Tusker Clothing is to help conscious people (like you) of cultural and ethnic interests express themselves.
With our cultures so entangled with the overwhelming urban life, it gets difficult to find a place for our culture and cherish it. 
That's where we come in- we are passionate about spreading the values of ethnic Indian cultures through the means of clothing, pictures, and jewelry. 

Our Founding Story

In the summer of 2017, our founder had an instinct to travel west to escape the heat of New Delhi and "Mid-Life" crisis. Before he chalked his itinerary, he met a roadside vendor selling women's hand crafted bags. 
The colorful and lively designs of the bag convinced him to buy them and accompany him on the trip to Europe. Here, as "too-good-to-believe" as it sounds, the first lady who saw them, bought them. 
It wasn't the coincidence of bags or the lady or the trip that realized this venture. It was the dream to depict Indian ethnicity that led our founder to build a business around it.

Our Vision

Our vision is to resonate the values of Indian culture and connect them to admirers across the world. Now, go ahead and find your India!